All The Children of the world academy


In addition to my private practice, I work as Family Care Specialist for ATC, a preschool and private kindergarten.  ATC is a ministry of Northside Fellowship Church in Westerville, Ohio.  

I enjoy meeting with parents, supporting teachers, interacting with students, and more while in my role at ATC.  

Family Hour is a Thursday morning group for parents.  Its primary goal is to normalize the realities of parenting young ones.  Parenting preschoolers and young school aged children truly is a unique season of life.  Children grow up so fast yet the days can be so incredibly long.  Our community is an encouraging and practical time each week to focus on our family, our own heart, and leave knowing we are not alone in this season!

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If you are part of the ATC community, feel free to join us anytime.  Thursdays 9-10am.  Free Childcare and there is always coffee!

If you want to learn more about ATC, visit our website at and to learn more about NORTHSIDE, visit  And of course, send me a message with may questions you might have.