What is Family Coaching?

Family Coaching is inviting a neutral third party into your family situation or story.  It is sharing the place you feel stuck as a parent or family for the purpose of gleaning new perspective and practical suggestions for change.  

Coaching is different from counseling because the presenting concerns do not meet clinically significant, diagnostic criteria.  Parenting is a great example.  There are many times when parents just need new ideas, practical ideas or tips for change, or  help understanding developmental norms and age appropriate behaviors.

Family Systems Theory believes that it only takes one movement or change within a dynamic for the whole family system to be impacted.  What big or small change could we make today to change our family system?  

I have great hope that by taking the next step with Family Coaching... you can create a new family culture and build a foundation of love and connection in your family. Loving Your Family Well starts with a 1-hour session of Family Coaching today! Reach out now!

If you are local, we can meet one on one and if not, we will use FaceTime or ZOOM. 1-hour sessions along with 2 follow-up emails (initiated by you) are available for $100. Are you ready to invest your time and money into growing and seeking change for your family? Give Family Coaching a try today!


Masters of Arts in Clinical Counseling

My degree is from Ashland Seminary and I am licensed as a Professional Counselor in the state of Ohio.

While providing Family Coaching, I am sharing the expertise I have gleaned from years of working with individuals and families. My education certainly impacts my understanding and goals however, when clinically significant concerns are presented, a referral to a mental health professional in your area will be made. I only provide counseling services to individuals and families in the state of Ohio.

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